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    Hello All! Today we released some new improvements to the site, here are some details about the updates :-) The "Create a Local Alert" button is now checked if you already have an alert set for the item you are viewing. Improvement to the way the results in the inventory checker are sorted. For example, if you have "Price" Set as your default sort, distance will now be used as the secondary sort. Previously the results were not sorted by distance if multiple stores had the same price. You can set your sorting option in your account here: https://brickseek.com/account/?action=home Links to Google/Apple Maps under store address Quantity ranges are now displayed when an exact quantity is not known. Over the past week or so there were some occasions where an item priced higher in store than online did not return a quantity. We have clarified this by adding a quantity range that we are able to retrieve, even though we do not know the exact quantity of the item in that store which is priced higher than the current online price. Misc visual enhancements Cosmetic changes to consolidate information and bring more consistency across the site. The quantity available for Pickup Today is now shown on the pickup button when available (Extreme Members) Ability to remove an item from your shopping list by clicking the shopping list icon again from the inventory checker page. (Extreme Members Only) When an item is already on your shopping list it will show up as a green checkmark. Simply click the checkmark to remove the item from your list.