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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi, John:

    Has anyone else reported issues with the Inventory Checker, "search here" link? I currently cannot access it on my laptop. However, it is working on my phone's browser. Also, the beta on my Brick seek app is expired due to the iOS update. Is there anything I need to do or do I just wait until the update is available? I wasnt sure.



    1. johnom


      You can update the iOS app by opening up the TestFlight app and then updating the BrickSeek app from within it.   As for the sku search tool, it seems to be working fine on my laptop at the moment.  Is it a problem with your browser not allowing boxes to open or anything like that? 

  3. Last week
  4. Be Alerted When New Local Deals are Posted!

    I'm confused about an item. It shows as a local price drop as a price of $0.50. But when I check the inventory, it shows the price as $3.28 at the same store. Help??
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  6. Release 3.09.2018

    Hello All! Today we released some new improvements to the site, here are some details about the updates :-) The "Create a Local Alert" button is now checked if you already have an alert set for the item you are viewing. Improvement to the way the results in the inventory checker are sorted. For example, if you have "Price" Set as your default sort, distance will now be used as the secondary sort. Previously the results were not sorted by distance if multiple stores had the same price. You can set your sorting option in your account here: https://brickseek.com/account/?action=home Links to Google/Apple Maps under store address Quantity ranges are now displayed when an exact quantity is not known. Over the past week or so there were some occasions where an item priced higher in store than online did not return a quantity. We have clarified this by adding a quantity range that we are able to retrieve, even though we do not know the exact quantity of the item in that store which is priced higher than the current online price. Misc visual enhancements Cosmetic changes to consolidate information and bring more consistency across the site. The quantity available for Pickup Today is now shown on the pickup button when available (Extreme Members) Ability to remove an item from your shopping list by clicking the shopping list icon again from the inventory checker page. (Extreme Members Only) When an item is already on your shopping list it will show up as a green checkmark. Simply click the checkmark to remove the item from your list.
  7. Any Texans here?

    Yes 78249 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Any Texans here?

    I’m in San Marcos
  9. Any Texans here?

    South Houston here! Excited to find a good deal!!
  10. Any Texans here?

    East Texas, near lufkin, wondering if I'm the only one around here, within 75 miles or so.
  11. Any Texans here?

    I might be able to help. I am close by to Greenville. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. Any Texans here?

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for someone in TX that is near one of these citys that might be able to help me out, picking up an item for me. Granbury, Greenville, or Mount Pleasant. Anyone near these cities? Thanks in Advance!! _steven
  13. Be Alerted When New Hard to Find Items are Added!

    Thanks for letting us know, could you try now?
  14. Be Alerted When New Hard to Find Items are Added!

    There is not a "Follow" button on that forum page when I go there. Mine looks like this: http://prntscr.com/hkdbve
  15. Release 12.4.2017

    List of tutorials for features in this release [link] Changes in this release: Improvements to the mobile format for user account and alert pages on a mobile device. Redesigned "My Account" menu on mobile. Changed all times on pricing info and markdown pages to display as Eastern Time. (These pages previously used UTC time) Ability for Extreme Deal Hunters to hide specific items from showing on their feeds and premium pages. Changes to the way Extreme Deal Hunters are able to delete records from their account page.
  16. Signing up for these alerts allows you to be notified via email as soon as a new deal you might be interested in is posted to the forum. Step 1: You will need to go to the proper page for any item you are interested in. Walmart: http://forum.brickseek.com/index.php?/links/category/3-local-walmart-deals/ Target: http://forum.brickseek.com/index.php?/links/category/4-local-target-deal/ Office Depot: http://forum.brickseek.com/index.php?/links/category/5-local-office-depot-deals/ Lowe's: http://forum.brickseek.com/index.php?/links/category/6-local-lowes-deals/ Step 2: Click the "Follow" button in the top right corner of the page, select the option of how you would like alerts to be delivered, and then click the follow button near the bottom of the popup. 3. You will now get alerts for local deals posted at these sites. Don't forget to sign up for all of the stores you are interested in!
  17. Signing up for these alerts allows you to stay on top of new and trending items. You will receive an email when a new hard to find item is posted. Typically when an item is posted it will include appropriate links to sign up for online in stock alerts and also the links to check for inventory in your area. Step 1: Go to the Hard to Find Items Page! http://forum.brickseek.com/index.php?/links/category/7-hothtf-items/ Step 2: Click the "Follow" button in the top right corner of the page, select the option of how you would like alerts to be delivered, and then click the follow button near the bottom of the popup. Step 3: You're done! Notifications will now be to your email.
  18. Any Texans here?

    Killeen, TX is in the house
  19. Any Texans here?

    Yes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Any Texans here?

    San Antonio Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Any Texans here?

    Iam from Texas
  22. Hi



    brickseek showed the price $124. My Walmart app showed $499. Which one is correct?


  24. I'm in Davenport, trying to score a pellet smoker and 4 burner gas grill 

  25. i upgraded to extreme. i would like access to the app if possible.



  26. Hey John-

    Quick question what happens when you order for pick up "today" and it delays ... but then pushes back by 2 days... like they changed it to ship... would that still qualify it for the price automatic price adjustment upon pick up? I didn't approve for it to ship... it just got changed.




  27. Hi


    john. Questions for you. I see trending price mark down. Do you think the prices will drop in next day or 2 days? Target and Walmart.

  28. Price update from target.

    1. Bochaop


      I just missed the Moto 360 smart watch from Target. Price showed 58.98 on brickseek on Saturday. I went to check on Saturday and Sunday check it, showed $199.00. Today they are all gone. Why ?.....??? It's supposed to be 30%,50%,and 70%.

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