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New BrickSeek Community Coming SOON!


Alright, for those that would like to take a look at the new community, here's your opportunity to explore before we go live! I'll post a guide soon to explain how to navigate the new community in the Getting Started category. For now, feel free to browse, chat, and post! Keep in mind that some small things could change between now and the official launch, which will take place before August. When we go live with the new community, the existing forums (here) will be shut down. 

A quick explanation of the layout and how the new community works. The new community is split up by different categories, there's one exclusive to Extreme members, one for Premium members, one for the Open Area (free members), one for Buy, Sell, Trade, and one for Getting Started (community rules, how to, etc.). Each category may also have sub-categories within them, which includes a lounge for each membership level (free, premium, and extreme). There is a new section in the community for like-new deals, which is where our community can share deals from places like Amazon Warehouse. Those deals typically have limited quantities so need to keep an eye on it often to be quick enough to purchase sometimes. 

This new community also allows members to earn badges for different achievements, which will continue to grow and evolve as the community continues to get established and there will be rewards for reaching certain achievements! More to come there, this is still a work in progress. Also, at some point we'll be launching product discussions on to the BrickSeek website itself and those discussions will actually be integrated from the new community, which should be pretty neat. Thats something that will come down the road as well. 

What else would you like to see from this new community? Any ideas or requests? Let me know what you think about the new community!