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  5. Hi



    brickseek showed the price $124. My Walmart app showed $499. Which one is correct?


  7. I'm in Davenport, trying to score a pellet smoker and 4 burner gas grill 

  8. i upgraded to extreme. i would like access to the app if possible.



  9. Hey John-

    Quick question what happens when you order for pick up "today" and it delays ... but then pushes back by 2 days... like they changed it to ship... would that still qualify it for the price automatic price adjustment upon pick up? I didn't approve for it to ship... it just got changed.




  10. Hi


    john. Questions for you. I see trending price mark down. Do you think the prices will drop in next day or 2 days? Target and Walmart.

  11. Price update from target.

    1. Bochaop


      I just missed the Moto 360 smart watch from Target. Price showed 58.98 on brickseek on Saturday. I went to check on Saturday and Sunday check it, showed $199.00. Today they are all gone. Why ?.....??? It's supposed to be 30%,50%,and 70%.

  12. I was able to get the 99$ all in one for pickup 2 months ago. at the same store. the best part was, Tax was refunded as well. I don't know if this is uniform across TX.
  13. That store is the very first store I tried when I upgraded. LOL empty handed every single time. -- Its also the one where I went after some laptops and while I was there all the "brickseekers" who were arguing and behaving badly. I checked the Casio. $19.92 everywhere.
  14. @BrickSeek Can we move this to the GROUP section?
  15. I have the $5 watch ready for pickup in Lewisville, TX
  16. I am in FTW as well.
  17. Austin here. I envy Dallas and Houston folks. They have so many Walmart stores to shop around:-)
  18. I've been lookin for a similar SKU (not in Tx) since they dropped to ~20 at seemingly every store. They're always $70 in store though, had multiple people try to scan em. Anyone know the deal on these?
  19. Casio Men's G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch, Black Resin Strap MSRP: $99.95 SKU: 39227030 zips: 75067 qty- 2 - $5 75662 qty- 1 - $5 75063 qty- 1 - $5 77086 qty- 1 - $5 75189 qty- 1 - $5
  20. Fort Worth
  21. Waco here, new at this and our 4 Wal-Mart's and 1 target always have limited supply or out of stock. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  22. Austin here
  23. Anyone north of San Antonio?
  24. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S6 LTE Smartphone MSRP: $529 SKU: 47068401 Walmart #293 1712 E Washington Ave Navasota TX 77868 Quantity - 4 - $235 Walmart #567 475 State Highway 36 N Caldwell TX 77836 Quantity - 5 - $249 Walmart Supercenter 215 E Mile 3 Rd Palmhurst TX 78573 (956) 519-8453 Quantity - 4- $249
  25. Dallas here
  26. I am in Kaufman, right out of Dallas
  27. I am in port Arthur!!!
  28. Good luck. Make sure you have a list of a few other items in case you strike out and someone else already got them.
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